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    1. About Us
      • Address:Leqing City Chengdong Industrial Function Zone of Yongxing Road No. 19
      • Phone:4006923313
      • Tel:0577-57182335  0577-57182333
      • Fax:0577-57182336
      • Email:yqzxz@aliyun.com
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      machinery automation equipment


             Yueqing city machinery automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production of automatic terminal full computer wire stripping machine, machine, automatic terminal crimping machine, automatic wire stripping machine, full automatic terminal machine; wire processing equipment, soldering machines and other equipment, in addition to the Taiwan before poly Enterprises Limited cooperation R & D, manufacturing, sales service and integrated enterprise.


             Company R & D, production automation equipment has twenty years of history, the company R & D department brought together the elite in a number of line, has the abundant technical strength, perfect testing equipment, with rigorous standards of quality management system, created the excellent quality and brilliant.


             The company adhere to the "honesty, mutual benefit" business principles, to win the majority of customers. Bingzhe "continuous improvement, refine on" the purpose, adhere to the "customer first, quality first" faith, with advanced technology and the attitude of enthusiasm, the production of high-quality products, to meet the requirements of our customers.


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      Email:yqzxz@aliyun.com  Address:Leqing City Chengdong Industrial Function Zone of Yongxing Road No. 19
      Tel:0577-57182335  0577-57182333  Fax:0577-57182336